Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SAI tool...

i just finished watching SAI youtube tutorials & got myself confused using the tool...
*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr.... @_@
tak apa...tak apa...later aku blaja bersungguh-sungguh! haha~
my editor told me that he could teach me adobe photoshop...yeyyy!!! :D
so, pelish pelish...i really wanna buy macbook pro + tablet badly~~~
oh yes, aina, een, fira & najay had received my postcards that i sent them as kad raya :D alhamdulillah~
fira & told me via fb inbox msg :D
while aina & een tru fb wall :)
we went for our second school visit today & i was reaalllyyyy 'mabokkk' since i didn't sleep last nite...*tell you i long for those days which i could just sleep anywhere & anytime i wanted...now no more lahhhh...
farhan told me to stop thinking much so i could fall asleep easily...huhhh how to do thattttttttttt :(
i had a fun day despite of my sleepless nite with the friendly kids from Bulimba State School but...i didn't get to see angel...i wandered around & kept looking for her...did she come to school...was she sick...i got worried...*where are you? did you hate me for leaving you that day? would you see me again angel? :'(

chocolate mousse...it was yesterday's 'moreh' made by nani...scrumptious! :D
14 AUG 2011 : nasi ayam as buka + chocolate mousse as moreh = alhamdulillah kenyang!
june people always surprised me with their stunning & spectacular ideas! bravo! :D

...oh c'mon hani, please study and do your revision...
2.02 am
16 august 2011


Afie said...

chocolate mousse tu nmpak sedaplah...nak resepi?huhuh
btw nak examkah???ganbatte ne~!!!

honeypotter396 said...

hihi afie-chaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn....
ngeh ngeh...tgu anum dpt x kad tuh...resipi tu mmber yg cari..bole gugel je kot....ngahahhaha
thxxx..doakan aku pass yahhh amin :D