Saturday, September 3, 2011


HAhahahhahaha...think I'm GOing CRaaaZZyyyy....
I finished watching Heroes Season 1 yesterday (yeppp, I need to re-watch it coz I missed some episodes & I'm in the middle of watching Heroes Season 4 so I want to understand everything)...seriously, everything...
and..this morning, I suddenly woke up...
I dreamt about Sylar!!! OHEEMGEEE!!! it was a stunningly glorious pearl white wedding ceremony with Sylar! WEEeeehoooOOoo...He was sooo extraordinarily handsome with gorgeous creamy-white tuxedo, a very lovely nouveau hairstyle & cherubic sweet face...
He kissed my forehead! *jaw-dropped...melted...fainted~ hahahaahahha XD
maybe...I was toooooo overwhelmed with tremendous joy so I woke up... LOL!
this is my most favourite & I got it edited :D
perfect photo, perfect caption
I really love him when he's clean...he's just too...CUTE!
these are motivational posters on my wall...yeah, I got them from the internet & edited some of them coz of spelling errors & stuff...*I just want these photos to be perfect! :D
I was in a veryyyyy extremely pleasant mood eventho my piccolo latte wasn't taste that good...and I bought an 8-dollar packet of raw mixed nuts coz the salesguy is cute...yeah, he gave me a gummy snack after having a lil chat with his cute accent... *tell you, I have a very soft spot for CUTE guys & girls...LOL
1 SEP 2011 : Digital Media class never fails to make me feel enormously happy!!!
raya entry will have to wait since I had lotsa things to talk about... :D
I had a blog for my 20th birthday, a vlog + twitter for my 22nd & follow okayyyhhhh!!! :D
I had an invitation to a raya openhouse in Gold Coast but I really hope that I won't be late for Brisbane Festival's opening night, coz I wanna watch the firework! I really really do! I just love sparkling fire...uhuuu, pyrokinesis!

...wallow in imaginary Sylar's love makes me sound so oh-I-don't-know-what-am-I-doing, but if you watch Heroes Season 1-4, you would understand why on earth I'm madly in love with him...
8.30 am
3 september 2011

special snapshot for today...
just after an amazing orchestra + firework + pic wif cute cellist, this post of Sylar was the top news on my feed...bravo Sylar...spending time at lab watching 5 episodes at one time won't get you outta my head...nevahhh!!!