Tuesday, July 26, 2011

love me love me muahhhh

ahhhh.....muka keras and bau pelik.... *what am i doinnnggg....
nisak suddenly came to me and started applying something liquid on my face... the smell was rather...weird and she told me to wait for 15 mins...
*so it was random but heyyy thanx nisak! i got a facial mask :D
i started my whole new semester yesterday (monday) *wish me luck this sem people!
aha! it was nice to hear compliments saying how slim you are, "eh you look makin kurus" or simply telling you, "kau nampak makin kecik" * marvelous! marvelous! :P 
ah, ni semangat nak diet ni! haha!
what else...yes, i wrote a postcard to my friend & my family... *i'm thinking to do it every now and then...heyyy don't you love it when you receive something like that...i do! i still remember how my friends & i used to write to each other letters & cards when we were in primary schools...the fact that i had friends from 5 different primary schools made me receive various letters, cards & pics...seronok! i had a polish penpal when i was in secondary school but...seems that facebook has taken over this kind of thing rite... :(
25 JULY 2011 : mari menulis!
korean drama marathon had to stop for a while...since the winter break was over...
and that left me addicted to lee jong suk-oppa from 'secret garden'...ah, he was in 'princess prosecutor' too but then, i was in love with park si hoo for a being sucha sweetttzzz guy...now, i'd fallen for jong suk-oppa coz his red hair, stud earring & cold smirk yang sumpah kiuuuuttt gilaaaaaa...hahaha! *i've always always loved red hair...not weasley red but REAL red! red is always HOT! no? yesss...
27 JULY 2011 : my latest obsession! lee jong suk-oppa! saranghaeyo!
home screen ke lock screen ke...oppa!
skyping with my both sisters is always menyeronokkan! anem told me that that ayah actually kept asking mak to finish sewing my baju raya...haha :D *sweet lah ayahhhhh...but mak told me that my baju raya tak siap lagi but she already packed kerepek pisang satu kotak...LOL! *my FAVE!!! tell you mak's kerepek pisang is THE BEST! no wonder selalu sold out when aku jual kat sekolah dulu...siap order bhai...miahahahahha bangga~
ah, to my young-i-really-hope-that-you-are-my-kazen-but-you-are-not friend, james, congrats & all the best working with afiq deen! he told me that you're doing a good job last sunday so imaaa veliii veelliiiii happyyyy to hear that! me, done promoting you to him so...just hope that the documentary shooting goes well lah yaa :D

...semoga hani misbah menjadi semakin rajin, aminnn...
1.13 am
27 july 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011


Im blogging from my iphone coz what had happened just now...made me..."gilaaaa lah!!!"
After coffee crawl & australiana bbq and bush dance event, i'd decided to attend another event by redfrogs...pancake brekky at the courtyard, today...but since i slept late last nite, i was damn susaaahhh gilaaaa nk bangun....aya and faris kept calling me but my phone was in silent mood...and when i woke up, the event was over...aya posted on my fb wall saying disappointed she was wimme...and then faris liked it...
That time, my heart felt heart-broken gilaaa...i was taken aback and reaalllyyy kecewa with myself... *OMG! what have i done to my friends!
So...yes...i locked myself up in my room, not thinking of going out, not answering calls, msgs or fb stuff watsoeverrr...i'm a badd baaaddd friend for breaking up promises i've made...
Spending the whole day in my room, scared to go out so i slept...and slept...slept...
"MAMA!!!" i heard people knocking on the door calling my name out loud...then i heard people climbing up the door to peek through the upper window on my door and "...mama ada bwh comforter kot..." "...seram..." "...gelap, u bagi torchlight..."
Yes, i could see the torchlight beaming tru my purple comforter and the fact that they kept calling me made me wake up and peeped my head through the door...
"mana kau?" "apasal satu hari x boleh contact kau?" "kitorg ingat kau dah pass out" "dah call semua rumah tanya kau mana" etc etc etc...
My eyes went teary a lil bit before my mouth uttered the word 'sorry' again and again...telling them how disappointed i was with myself...they asked me if all these were coz of me not attending the brekky this morning... *iyelahhhh! 
They smiled and laughed at me..."why did u take it seriously? Takkanlah sebab ni...mesti ada sebab lain...sebab nate tak datang ke?" *u posted on my wall saying how disappointed u were coz of me...
"...kitorang tak kisah lah..." and they smiled..."u should see how we climbed and jumped to check if u ada dalam bilik ke tak..."

And that left me speechless...

...sometimes we just think too far...
23 july 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

La Dolce Fratello...Una Proposta

had a cup of apple tea, bold refreshing russian tea & chai at Three Monkeys...then enjoyed the scrummy italian hot chocolate at La Dolce Vita while chit-chatting & playing card games with new funny aussie friends who kept saying my 'honey' name...tonite was fun :D
and the picture above just added the pleasance of the nite :)

...australiana bbq & bush-dance followed by pancake brekky on friday?sweeetttt...
21 july 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Smiling of satisfaction, Tears accompanies the night, Felicity is infinity

it was almost 5 am in brissy when i finished watching Harry Potter 7 Part 2
just after the first part which made me smile & tersengih-sengih 'awwww' to myself...
i dunno...i felt it was really sweet lah watching harry danced with hermione &tell you, the song was perfect!
*how grateful i am to have a friend who'll always try to cheer me up whenever im down
yes yes...talking about "shuwweeetttzzzznezzz",
the part when harry discovered the true snape slowly made my eyes become teary...
and...i cried! omg! omg! snape sweet gilaaaaa!!! *lamanya tak nangisssss
also when dobby died.....sedih oh!!!
finally, i'd completed the marathon! yes!!! 
Harry Potter is a Masterpiece! Word!

adding more teaspoons of sugar...okei taknak...kita pakai bowls of sugar...
i was veliiii veliiiii hepiiiiiii...... *chatting with him will always leave me with a broad smile on my face....blimey~
so yes...i chatted with him again, and the chat was casual, informative and momentous :D
wait, don't get me wrong...he's someone whom i look up to for being sooo impressively creative, artistic and successful with his very own style...very bold & brave in conveying his views...the talents and knowledge that make me go "waaaaaahhhh!!!"
someone whom i would never be...yes, i really respect him :)
i thanked him and he asked me 'thanks for what darlin'; he gave my friend a chance to work with him which would give my friend a professional experience in this field...so, ofcoz lah i should thank him rite :D 
i asked him about directing iklan raya which he thought was a good idea
way to go! i'll be waiting for your iklan raya then :D

more harry potter!!! i was chatting with edruce when he told me that he would give me his half-blood prince & deathly hallows novels...omg omg omg!!! XD
tellin me that he would post them straight away! *aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
thanx edruce!!! thaaaaaaaaaaaannnnxxx!!!

...received call & emails from gmt made me stutter oh happy...
7.13 am
19 july 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Molotov Cocktail...is ma fave thangg lately~

Indeed...I have lotsaaaa things to talk about...
yet I wish I can make it short ... alaaa taknak taip banyak2 *konon nak bajet simple kannn
so, yes people! summary it is!
  • transformers 3 + kimchi ramen (thanx nisak) + chai latte = helluvaaa smileeesss todayyy :D
had fallen in love with  chai latte after brisbane winter festival & thanx to bielah for these 
  • blog posts dedicated to me from een & apiz = thaaannnxxx muchoooo!!! :D
  • and when I was inking my latest artwork, faris & zana invited me to have some rojak mee (terubat rindu dekat pasemboq yan yg sedap gila tuhhh...been craving for that oh!) = trimasssssssssssssss farisss & zanaaa :)
5 JULY 2011 :  random artwork randomly draw 
2 JUNE 2011 : novels I bought coz of "stallion" & "purple" but heyyy, the synopsis is nice lah
  • scrumptious biscotti from jci made me smile happily for the day while looking at the two novels I just purchased...yes people! I'm thinking of reading (again!) :D
  • received mms from my dad secara tiba-tiba for the first time in aussie! he sent a picture of me & mom, soon after a picture of himself & me with a text saying "Rindu ayah ke" (terharu oh!) :D
  • 'Shorts in the Green Short Film Festival 2011' at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast with faris, nani & aus - the winner's shortfilm was kool oh! :)
30 JUNE 2011 :  muna eating my kuih kacang & amani hugging my junsu after tellin me how wangi my room is macam bilik pengantin (bangga sekejap..ehehh!)
  • I love love munching chips, passing hot chai latte around & sharing the comforter together while watching movies with my dear friends :D gossips and fussy comments about the movies? mestilah! haha :P
  • fresh oranges, yummy churros, cakes, pies, pizza, nasik with many lauks, spaghetti...oh you name it! I gained more weight! haha many thanx to my friends for being so gracious & kind-hearted lol :D

...am going for a trip to melbourne & sydney tomorrow, pray for me alrite :D dah call mak, ayah & anem telling them about the trip (seminggu insya'allah)...
3.03 am in brisbane
6 july 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Worldssss?

hola seniors and mamacitas~
wats up with 'the worlds' title up there eyyy??
haha...you see...i'd spent my winter break mostly with;
- online activites, you name it....fb, youtube, blog, online radio..
- drawing manga...random ideas
- walking around the city, southbank after movies/brisbane winter festival or just lepak-ing in my room...

so, my friends decided to go out & have fun!
oh yes, besides...we had the 50% student discount card for 'the worlds'...
 23 JUNE 2011 :  Sea World!
 23 JUNE 2011 : those penguins....Lovelihhhhhhhhhh!!! comel gila kot! siap ada yg blurr x bergerak2 (second from right)....dunno why... @__@"
 23 JUNE 2011 : first time having the closest view of polar bears...besau seh! peluk sumpah best!!!
 23 JUNE 2011 : i've always loved underwater world! Subhanallah! really hope that one day, i can be rich enough to scuba-dive! amin!
 23 JUNE 2011 : after the freerunner & acrobats jumping pirate-show, cute seal playing detective seal show, we went for the last show; dolphin-show with a classical background music that almost made me cry...
 23 JUNE 2011 : the extreme basah-kuyup moment after a random decision to ride that friggin ship-war ride...demmit! hahaha! sumpah sejuk!!! kasut bertakung! lol
 23 JUNE 2011 : i wanna buy diz one but since the price is soo mahal! nani bought it since she got more money....x apalah...
 23 JUNE 2011 : God made me have 3-siblings & all of us are girls...senang nk belikan souvenir...haha~ combo kottttt :D
 27 JUNE 2011 : Movie World, Gold Coast, Australia? Checked!
 27 JUNE 2011 : my first pic with looney-tunes :D
 27 JUNE 2011 : yes....it's Batman babyyyyyyy!!! my childhood crush! haha!
 27 JUNE 2011 : Sylvester in front of Harry Potter shop? fantastic! ahha!
 27 JUNE 2011 : since we didn't hit the 'lethal-weapon', this ride was the best of the day~
 27 JUNE 2011 : all-star parade is when looney-tunes cartoons got crazayhhh!!!
 27 JUNE 2011 : childhood crush wearing new batman-suit...awww he's kool! i got to salam him after the parade...tho he's not the real bruce wayne (of coz lah) yet i'm still sooo happyyyyy! XD
 27 JUNE 2011 : enjoyed our dinner at miss india...yes, it's rare for us to eat out~
 27 JUNE 2011 : see the bread there? it was my lucky day, alhamdulillah :)
27 JUNE 2011 : pink for niza, batman for me (of-coz-lah!), black for anem since there was no Jack NBC (sorry)...fridge-magnet (my new-found hobby) & a bugsbunny trophy for i-dunno-whom-shud-i-giv-diz-to-yet

another trip to...say, dreamworld?
maybe, and maybe not...depends on my budget lah...haha :D
thanx profusely to my friends for the outings! mucho gracias amigo! 

...long-post with lotsa pics? bet i wanted to put more lahhh ehehhh...
4.26 pm in brisbane
1 july 2011