Friday, August 19, 2011


i'd completed my first SAI artwork! *alhamdulillah...i know most people will look at it & say "biase jerrr..." but for me it's still quite an achievement since this is the first time i learn how to use it, and having youtube videos as teachers is not...really effective...ahaha but nyways, thanx youtube! yea, and hisa-senpai for the explanation :)
stay sampai pagi di lab berbaloi! :D
we had a quite enjoyable sushi nite at ginga sushi bar & dining...yeah, clv paid for us...hehe thnxxx! and yeah, i gotta see nate again! yay! :D
but, what upset me the most was...i missed my digital media class which i loved damn much! *waaaaddaaafudggeeeeee i missed that ohsem green screen tutorial!!!! ughhh!!!!
people, please pray that one day, i'll be able to buy a green screen studio! *amin~
and also...when your friends told you "dulu muka kau licin, apa dah jadik skrg?" yea, your face started to carve a horrid smile, trying to gulp the fact & face the reality that your face now looked...say, worse? *fainted~

...i just want to be healthier...
3.06 am
19 august 2011


Ekmal said...

wah, nak tgk nate saje. ><. congrats utk ko. nanti ajar aku. wow, makan sushi... kena belaja plak 2. balik ni ko mesti belanja aku. (",)

honeypotter396 said...

hahahhahaha bole jeee.... :D
nak buat cmna....nate kacak sgt! :P
smgt pnya pasal trus aku buat acc dA bru pstu upload artwork2 aku kt sna >_<

btw...andsaler....i miss u...
i miss irfan's puding santan on my bday every year...
i miss ur bday surprise to me....
demmit... :(

Amy Syaquena said...

Salam kenal , singgah dan follow sini.. jom singgah belog saya..

honeypotter396 said...

wahhhh org klate eh?thxxx :D