Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Update ... Finally~

salam people! hahahahah XD
well...i juz wna share wif u abt my trip to Gold Coast yesterday...

i think i'd fallen in love wif those cute adorable kangaroos!
they're juz lovely....if i'd given a choice, i'll prefer kangaroos than koalas..har har
 26 FEB 2011 : tats my legria! haha~
  26 FEB 2011 : waitin for d bus nearby QUT Gardens Point campus~
  26 FEB 2011 : Lorekeet tat bit me!
  26 FEB 2011 : d koala..yg bajet pemes... -_____________-''
  26 FEB 2011 : cute drop wing! :D
  26 FEB 2011 : welcome to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary!
  26 FEB 2011 : tat kangoo was rilyyyyyyy nice to me..baik gilaa~
  26 FEB 2011 : he's sooooooooo adorable!!! XD
  26 FEB 2011 : muahahhahah kangarooossss!! :D
  26 FEB 2011 : before leavin~
  26 FEB 2011 : fish & chip as lunch at Greenmount Surf Club
  26 FEB 2011 : Kirra Beach~
  26 FEB 2011 : first time jumpa surau sepnjg duk sini...alhamdulillah~
  26 FEB 2011 : at QUT Gardens Point yg cantik~

 26 FEB 2011 : sushi kt sini sedap worrr~

well, tats all for now...
i'd uploaded loadsss of picsss to my facebook...hoho~
thanx to my sony naite, canon legria & lovely iphone 4 :D
will be havin our first class tomorrow morning...hopefully, things will be juz great~ amin...

psssttt...i love kangaroossssssss!!! ^^

11.36 pm in brisbane
27 FEB 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Loads of Pics...

it's 2.09 am in brisbane...
juz finished uploading pics...
for my family to have a look at....
so ngntuk...tomorrow must be ready at 6 am..for d gold coast trip...

psssttt.....byk sgt nk story smpi xtaw nk ckp pe..haha
hope tomorrow bgun awl....amin... XD

2.12 am in brisbane
26 february 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Haha iphone 4 kool mcm ais! LOL

Salam people!!!!
Finally i got d chance to update my blog again..
Yes, wif my new iphone 4 which i bought last friday at vodafone..
It was friday so d shops closed at 9..lucky us~
alhamdulillah :)
Finally i got an iphone!! Happy sgttt..
Syukur alhamdulillah :D
I juz called home n talked to mom n niza..
Last nite niza posted on fb tat she missed me..
Awwwww...lovely sister~~~ hehe..

Now im sitting in front of my campus trying to get d wifi..
It's summer so it's quite hot n yeah..
Pls wear ur shades if u go out..haha
I wanna attach sum pics but safari got a prob wif that..
Ughh..oso x upload lg pics from d departure..
To my sisters n my parents n my family n my frens..
Insyaallah later okayhhh...

It's 1.14 pm here in brisbane =)
22 feb 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011


assalamualaikum sumeeeeee... XD
skg dh pukul 11.37 am kt brisbane...ohohohoho..
ni kat student centre QUT...jap gi ade briefing pasal library...
tgah chat dgn my fren who is an awesome photographer...
ok2..nak cau dlu..tata~

Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Bye Malaysia!!! See U After 2 Years! XD

Assalamualaikum....Salam sejahtera....
Moshi moshi people!! 
Juz got home after quite a day going out wif my both sisters :D
we went to alor star and then to sg petani...
and bought diz ousum baby of mine.....tadaaahhhhhh
 11 feb 2011 : tadaaahhhhhh...full set! XD
11 feb 2011 : finally, he's mine....alhamdulillah... XD
 11 feb 2011 : legria..full hd! hope i can shoot ousum vids when i'm in aussie...aminn
 11 feb 2011 : all d moneyyy... :O
11 feb 2011 : spending time wif sisters!! thx anem! thx niza!! luvyaaa!! XD
the tokei said that the offer was over so i couldn't get the extra battery.. =(
but then, he said he would gave it to me coz "i'm cute" ... *watt?? haha... :D
also, the tripod?'s also not included...yet, he still gave it to me...
thanxxxx tokei...ur sooo kind... *he even wanted to belanja me mcd...LOLs~
but since i x dengar what he juz said, i juz replied him wif  a blurr face sayin "hahh??"
hahaha...why my sis didn't tell me thattttt??? kalau x, dpt dah dinner mcd free..haha

i'll be goin to aunt's place in klang tomorrow, & we need to be at KLIA at 4.30 am 14th february 2011, monday... :O
may things be great and juz awesome... :D
hope everything's gonna be juz fine...amin...
to my family, friends & everyone who knows me...
please pray for my success kayh? insya'allah....

psssttt...nasib baik aku bkn jenis homesick kan? to ayah, mak, anem & niza : doakan kak ni taww.....sayang korang sumeee... mu-ah mu-ah mu-ah~~~ XD

11.36 pm
11 february 2011
*i got my 69th follower today! fave number~ alhamdulillah...hehe :D

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm Sleepy....

juz finished listening to my cute fren singing & playing guitar...
weee....he played 3 or 4 songs for me.....
and of coz, my fave song - creed: one last breath! yey!!! XD
hey far...thxx for d 'surprise' creed was juz d melody but i really loved it! :D

psssttt...i'd done editing posters for film fest & faris liked them! he even praised my posters...yey! way to go film fest!!
fb-ing wif cute girl, anis syu...."u r sooooo adorable anis!!!" i mizz uuu!!!!
and cute lim too..."ok, kau mmg comel..aku takk...haha" :D
urmmm....i love cute girls & boys....but that doesn't me a bi... =_=''
i juz adore them for their cuteness.....awwwhh...dah la comel...sweet plak tu...sukalahh!! :P

4.31 am
9 february 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011


up up and away~~~~~ AUSSIE HERE I COME~~~ HAHA~!
there's still a week to go... *xsiap packing lgi!! :O
shopping kat kL arituh...sikit je kannn....
bila nak start packing niiiiiiiiiii.....oh demmit~! -__________-
buying this buy that but never start packing my luggage yet....

psssttt...lafin at myself coz i him syaz real bad....apa kes aku ni...
relaxx lah woman! pfffttt~!

6 february 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Random Dates~

finished watching megamind & shaolin (which made me nuts coz i wasn't satisfied with the ending....) pfffttt....
okay2...lets start typing~

last friday, 28 jan 2011
lunch together with my family & niza's friends (since they all came to our house for diz weekend)
the menu was 'nasi ambeng' (since niza's friends were curious about it)
*nasi ambeng is a javanese tradition which is also my fave food...(of coz lah...aku orang jawa kannn....) XD
thanxxxx mom for the delicious lunch~!
 28 jan 2011 : doa selamat by dad =D
28 jan 2011 : diz is nasik ambeng mom's version..haha

later in the evening, dad got some doa selamat at surau...
the reason of not having it at home with all the makan2 was...
''nanti orang yang tak sembahyang pon datang skali...tuntut ilmu ni kan ibadah..." (more or less lah from my dad....)
actually, it was for me...nak fly dah, mula2 mmg nk buat majlis doa selamat kat rumah tapi tak jadik....
28 jan 2011 : simple je kan? =D

later tat nite, we went for a dinner at tanjung dawai...(tepi pantai..yeahh!! XD)
coz those yg nak pegi were, tadahhhhhh~
28 jan 2011 : 2 wajas~ haha....
we arrived at the selected restaurant around 10.58 pm~
muahhahaha....while waiting for d fud, niza's frens, niza & me went for a walk at the sea shore...hoho the nite breeze was nice and soothing.... ohohohohohooo ~.~
 28 jan 2011 : niza's frensss.....huhu~
28 jan 2011 : my family mu-ah mua-ah!
trimas ayah...huhu..i was the last one habis makan....hamikkk~ XD
after finished eating, dad asked me to say something..(alaa, konon2 speech gituuu...)
disebabkan mcm segan...(konon je...) i couldn't remember what did i say...haha~
we arrived safely at home around 1.16 am...(kenyang dan ngantuk dan tidoqqq~) XD
trimassssss mua-ah mu-ah kat ayahhhhhh~ >_<

16-22 january 2011 ------ gonna mizyah KL! >_<
journey by train wif a bunch of new faces yg teruja naik train (chiah &yuri)..
nyways, thannxx to both of u girls & izni for makin my normal train-journey interesting...haha~
arrived at KL sentral around 6 am, had breakfast at mcD & settled enrich card matter  & checked in at college hostel before noon! yeahhh!!
then, i went out for a movie with my bestie, najay sengal at times square..
we had fun watchin "Great Days" coz it was one awesome movie! muahahhahah~
later tat nite, 'lepakking' at downtown wif mus, faris, aus & others~
mus, kek coklat ko sedap siottt!! sebbaik aku x habiskan semua kannn....haahaa!

pre-departure briefing in kajang from 18th to 19th january was nice~
got info + money + lounge suit + cert + etc etc...thanxxxxx all~ thanxxx KPM~ thanxxxx RHB Bank~ thanxxxxxxx ESSET~ XD
 18 jan 2011 : excited dpt lounge suit kann...hahhaha
18 jan 2011 : see? to ESSET, ur hostel mmg superb n class-lah~!
having fun in kL + thanking the lecturers + shopping macam2 + watching "Khurafat" + celebrating nani's bday on 20th january at Pancake House International, Pavilion KL~
OUSUM lahhhhh....huhu~
 20 jan 2011 : Happy Chinese New Year!!! mus & aus posing x hengat kann..
 20 jan 2011 : testing amani's nikon d5000 wif tamron lense~
 20 jan 2011 : Happy Birthday Nani!!!
 20 jan 2011 : aww faris...isn't he adorable? hoho~
 21 jan 2011 : lunch at oldtown with mr syazwan yg kool + stylo + macho... XD
  21 jan 2011 : ramai kwn sy ckp dia hensem...pd sy dia hot! haha~
  21 jan 2011 : hurmm... i like ur 'emo' hairstyle better lah~
one cool fact about syazwan...
he's tall & hot enuf to make girls give him a gaze...pffftt...i witnessed it myself!! -__________-
***okay laa.....i admit it that im quite proud laaa.....ohohooo~
when i saw him for the first time that day, i juz couldn't believe it~
so, i went away till he called me, asking where was i...erkk..
ohh...tat cool, stylo mylo guy standing in front of gsc was u ehh...*sorry~ haha...
that sudden date was indeed veryyyy nice, after 2 years of not seeing each other....
u had changed a lot mistahhh!!! alot!! *thumbs up!!! KACAK!!! XD

it was 8.30 pm & i was still loitering around at times square...*wake up woman!ur train ticket ---> 9.15pm!! ohhh wtf~
so, i was damn hectic, rushing & running to kL sentral..... =.=''
juz after praying, i heard the announcement of the arrival of the train...
oh, alhamdulillah~ 
 22 jan 2011 : diz cat is cute but in a way, he does look quite weird worr...
reached kedah safely on 22th january 2011~
that cold morning, had breakfast with my parents...
thanxxx mak & ayah sbb amik ani pagi2 butaaa.....mua-ah mu-ah lahhhh!! XD
some say i look cute with specs, others say without specs... thanxx for the comments & making my fb wall soo 'colourful' recently... XD

psssttt...a cute friend of mine called me when i was in the train...
it was an abrupt call which made me happy gila mcm nak guling2 atas lantai keretapi!haha!

3.09 pm
4 february 2011
*a delayed entry...haha