Monday, October 1, 2012

New Blog...yeah~

Promoting my new blog again here :P

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I just wanna say thank you soooo much for reading my blog posts :D
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Hope to see you all on my new blog yah! :D
For a lazy bum blogger like me to have 188 followers is like...wahhh thanks guys!
Feel free to check out my new blog ya?
See ya there lovelies! :D
Love from Brisbane <3 span="span">
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1st October 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hello good people of planet Earth!

To those who've been wondering & asking where I've gone...
Salute to you! :D
I'm very much alive & yes yes...I've been busy with my life here in Brisbane.
I'd appreciate it if you guys would read my new blog :D
I know...haha
I've got so many things to write but I got no time. Really. Haha!
So, feel free to chill & browse a new blog of mine~

or feel free to follow me on twitter :D

or maybe you wanna watch my videos :D

I just wanna say thank you soooo much for reading my blog posts :D
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Hope to see you all on my new blog yah! :D

111th post woot!
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9th September 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HAPPY 2012!!!!

hey there readers of this blog!
i know...
first of all, i wanna apologize for not posting new entries since i've twitter account lol!
i'm sooooo sorry!!!
well, feel free to follow me on twitter: honeymyst396

oh yes, thank you for reading my blog all these while :D
i'll keep updating sooner! well, i'll be on my new blog but surprise surprise, the details gonna be on twitter!
*once i've finished it :)

...thank you again for the endless support...
1.10 am in Brisbane
1 february 2012

Saturday, September 3, 2011


HAhahahhahaha...think I'm GOing CRaaaZZyyyy....
I finished watching Heroes Season 1 yesterday (yeppp, I need to re-watch it coz I missed some episodes & I'm in the middle of watching Heroes Season 4 so I want to understand everything)...seriously, everything...
and..this morning, I suddenly woke up...
I dreamt about Sylar!!! OHEEMGEEE!!! it was a stunningly glorious pearl white wedding ceremony with Sylar! WEEeeehoooOOoo...He was sooo extraordinarily handsome with gorgeous creamy-white tuxedo, a very lovely nouveau hairstyle & cherubic sweet face...
He kissed my forehead! *jaw-dropped...melted...fainted~ hahahaahahha XD
maybe...I was toooooo overwhelmed with tremendous joy so I woke up... LOL!
this is my most favourite & I got it edited :D
perfect photo, perfect caption
I really love him when he's clean...he's just too...CUTE!
these are motivational posters on my wall...yeah, I got them from the internet & edited some of them coz of spelling errors & stuff...*I just want these photos to be perfect! :D
I was in a veryyyyy extremely pleasant mood eventho my piccolo latte wasn't taste that good...and I bought an 8-dollar packet of raw mixed nuts coz the salesguy is cute...yeah, he gave me a gummy snack after having a lil chat with his cute accent... *tell you, I have a very soft spot for CUTE guys & girls...LOL
1 SEP 2011 : Digital Media class never fails to make me feel enormously happy!!!
raya entry will have to wait since I had lotsa things to talk about... :D
I had a blog for my 20th birthday, a vlog + twitter for my 22nd & follow okayyyhhhh!!! :D
I had an invitation to a raya openhouse in Gold Coast but I really hope that I won't be late for Brisbane Festival's opening night, coz I wanna watch the firework! I really really do! I just love sparkling fire...uhuuu, pyrokinesis!

...wallow in imaginary Sylar's love makes me sound so oh-I-don't-know-what-am-I-doing, but if you watch Heroes Season 1-4, you would understand why on earth I'm madly in love with him...
8.30 am
3 september 2011

special snapshot for today...
just after an amazing orchestra + firework + pic wif cute cellist, this post of Sylar was the top news on my feed...bravo Sylar...spending time at lab watching 5 episodes at one time won't get you outta my head...nevahhh!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

salam perantau kosmo & metro

receiving a question of... "tak anta pic kt salam perantau k?" from my sister, niza...
it was a jaw-dropping moment...hurmm, not quite...but, my face turned into a look of disbelief...
how come my sisters & even my dad didn't buy Kosmo! and Metro newspapers??? why???
fine...blame it on me for knowing about these too late...
16 AUG 2011 : ni Kosmo! punya salam perantau kot...Metro's on the next day~

yeah, after much commenting on fb, my sisters started skyping with me...
niza wanted to show off her new baju raya...yeah! oh, both of them would be wearing jubah as baju raya... *oh lama tak pakai jubah...ehehh
anem seemed to like the idea of 'wearing shawl' since niza told me she would wear one on raya... *she would never leave her 'tudung labuh' for sure...amin~
well, they received my raya card & postcard... *hurmm, ayah's getting thinner i think, hope he's healthy enough...amin~
it was fun to skype with them...gossiping, chit-chatting or just showing me what they bought, like...lemang with serunding daging and showed them off to me... *pfffttt =.=''
husky, our greyish persian cat dah sakit... *cepat sembuh husky!amin... :(

i didn't sleep again for today...yep, spending my time at the lab...but, today was pretty cool since i started doing my math assignment (finally!) by creating a cute website for my math journal... *hope berjaya! amin~ and yeah, for the first time, i could say "pie apple sedap" sincerely since it was really tasty, blimeyyyy! haha i got it from american night food party with a vegie hotdog...ah not bad lah, at least kenyangggg, alhamdulillah :D

...started to watch heroes season 3 & found myself falling in love with sylar. oh. he. is. so. hot...
6.13 am
26 august 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

it ended...just as simple as that...

Dear God, Alhamdulillah...
thank you profusely for taking the sleepless nights, away from me...thank you...
for almost two weeks...i suffered...i hated it...
i hated it when my eyes just couldn't stay closed...
i hated it when my mind just couldn't stay focused. that. i. need. to. sleep...
i hated it when my soul just couldn't stay put in my dream, for i kept leaving my dream & i realized it...
just today...i slept at my friend's room...
there...i just had a goodnite sleep...alhamdulillah~

what i saw today tapped my sense of calmness that had been resting idly in my mind for almost, a fortnight...
a bird, bathing so merrily...oh so happily...
having my biological clock turned upside down, i'd lost focus in class...instead, i stared at the bird...gazing intently with a smile...
mirthfulness that calms
why did i keep forgetting surahs that i'd already memorized...hence i couldn't recite them well enough when we prayed together...
God, please forgive me...i'd done so many sinful things...had my heart turned so dim and dark that i couldn't do what i used to do...

...receiving some kuih raya from a friend pleased me. really. thank you...
12.21 am
25 august 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011


i'd completed my first SAI artwork! *alhamdulillah...i know most people will look at it & say "biase jerrr..." but for me it's still quite an achievement since this is the first time i learn how to use it, and having youtube videos as teachers is not...really effective...ahaha but nyways, thanx youtube! yea, and hisa-senpai for the explanation :)
stay sampai pagi di lab berbaloi! :D
we had a quite enjoyable sushi nite at ginga sushi bar & dining...yeah, clv paid for us...hehe thnxxx! and yeah, i gotta see nate again! yay! :D
but, what upset me the most was...i missed my digital media class which i loved damn much! *waaaaddaaafudggeeeeee i missed that ohsem green screen tutorial!!!! ughhh!!!!
people, please pray that one day, i'll be able to buy a green screen studio! *amin~
and also...when your friends told you "dulu muka kau licin, apa dah jadik skrg?" yea, your face started to carve a horrid smile, trying to gulp the fact & face the reality that your face now looked...say, worse? *fainted~

...i just want to be healthier...
3.06 am
19 august 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SAI tool...

i just finished watching SAI youtube tutorials & got myself confused using the tool...
*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr.... @_@
tak apa...tak apa...later aku blaja bersungguh-sungguh! haha~
my editor told me that he could teach me adobe photoshop...yeyyy!!! :D
so, pelish pelish...i really wanna buy macbook pro + tablet badly~~~
oh yes, aina, een, fira & najay had received my postcards that i sent them as kad raya :D alhamdulillah~
fira & told me via fb inbox msg :D
while aina & een tru fb wall :)
we went for our second school visit today & i was reaalllyyyy 'mabokkk' since i didn't sleep last nite...*tell you i long for those days which i could just sleep anywhere & anytime i no more lahhhh...
farhan told me to stop thinking much so i could fall asleep easily...huhhh how to do thattttttttttt :(
i had a fun day despite of my sleepless nite with the friendly kids from Bulimba State School but...i didn't get to see angel...i wandered around & kept looking for her...did she come to school...was she sick...i got worried...*where are you? did you hate me for leaving you that day? would you see me again angel? :'(

chocolate was yesterday's 'moreh' made by nani...scrumptious! :D
14 AUG 2011 : nasi ayam as buka + chocolate mousse as moreh = alhamdulillah kenyang!
june people always surprised me with their stunning & spectacular ideas! bravo! :D

...oh c'mon hani, please study and do your revision...
2.02 am
16 august 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011


i spent my time from 10 something till now...just to wait for my sister to get online...
coz i couldn't skype with her last nite, & my friends busy celebrating faris' bday...
so...i felt guilty coz my sis told me that ayah asked her if she was skyping with me...and she told me about it after 1am... =.='' *i'm soooo soryyyyy...
but, she told me just now that ayah tengah tadarus & niza had gone back to tak payah skype... seriously?*yess, padan muka aku~ i'm feeling...rather...entahlah... *sigh

humm, lucky i'd filled my stomach with sweet yummy trifle, carrot cake, cappucino mousse cake & pizza at faris' house coz we kind-of-celebrated-his-bday-again today with bunch of friends hanging out & eating snacks together...then, dunno why faris started chasing people with trifle custard on his hand...seriously? =.=''

we all gathered together for solat jemaah at amani's house...i was the imam for maghrib prayer & i read surah thaha (coz i love it but i forgot =.='')...and to think that i'd only remembered bits & pieces of my usual doa for the 'im-the-imam'prayer...seriously?
*oh tuhan...apa aku dah jadik ni... =.=''

...let hani misbah see the light of the right path, amen...
2.53 am
14 august 2011