Tuesday, July 26, 2011

love me love me muahhhh

ahhhh.....muka keras and bau pelik.... *what am i doinnnggg....
nisak suddenly came to me and started applying something liquid on my face... the smell was rather...weird and she told me to wait for 15 mins...
*so it was random but heyyy thanx nisak! i got a facial mask :D
i started my whole new semester yesterday (monday) *wish me luck this sem people!
aha! it was nice to hear compliments saying how slim you are, "eh you look makin kurus" or simply telling you, "kau nampak makin kecik" * marvelous! marvelous! :P 
ah, ni semangat nak diet ni! haha!
what else...yes, i wrote a postcard to my friend & my family... *i'm thinking to do it every now and then...heyyy don't you love it when you receive something like that...i do! i still remember how my friends & i used to write to each other letters & cards when we were in primary schools...the fact that i had friends from 5 different primary schools made me receive various letters, cards & pics...seronok! i had a polish penpal when i was in secondary school but...seems that facebook has taken over this kind of thing rite... :(
25 JULY 2011 : mari menulis!
korean drama marathon had to stop for a while...since the winter break was over...
and that left me addicted to lee jong suk-oppa from 'secret garden'...ah, he was in 'princess prosecutor' too but then, i was in love with park si hoo for a being sucha sweetttzzz guy...now, i'd fallen for jong suk-oppa coz his red hair, stud earring & cold smirk yang sumpah kiuuuuttt gilaaaaaa...hahaha! *i've always always loved red hair...not weasley red but REAL red! red is always HOT! no? yesss...
27 JULY 2011 : my latest obsession! lee jong suk-oppa! saranghaeyo!
home screen ke lock screen ke...oppa!
skyping with my both sisters is always menyeronokkan! anem told me that that ayah actually kept asking mak to finish sewing my baju raya...haha :D *sweet lah ayahhhhh...but mak told me that my baju raya tak siap lagi but she already packed kerepek pisang satu kotak...LOL! *my FAVE!!! tell you mak's kerepek pisang is THE BEST! no wonder selalu sold out when aku jual kat sekolah dulu...siap order bhai...miahahahahha bangga~
ah, to my young-i-really-hope-that-you-are-my-kazen-but-you-are-not friend, james, congrats & all the best working with afiq deen! he told me that you're doing a good job last sunday so imaaa veliii veelliiiii happyyyy to hear that! me, done promoting you to him so...just hope that the documentary shooting goes well lah yaa :D

...semoga hani misbah menjadi semakin rajin, aminnn...
1.13 am
27 july 2011


Aina Nurjihan Hairi said...

nak gak order kepek pisang hahaha

honeypotter396 said...

Hahahahahaha iye2 je ainaaaa hahha

Ekmal said...

aku nak gak kepek pisang. ><.
amin, semoga ko semakin rajin ( tangan kat bahu, mat juling ke atas).
(>.<) haha..

Ekmal said...

aku nak gak kepek pisang. ><.
amin, semoga ko semakin rajin ( tangan kat bahu, mata juling ke atas).
(>.<) haha..

honeypotter396 said...

Andsalerrrrr!!!!! Huwaaaa lma xdga ceritaaa...thx aminkannn...hehe insyaallah kalau ada rezki kau merasa lah nanti kayhhh :D