Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Smiling of satisfaction, Tears accompanies the night, Felicity is infinity

it was almost 5 am in brissy when i finished watching Harry Potter 7 Part 2
just after the first part which made me smile & tersengih-sengih 'awwww' to myself...
i dunno...i felt it was really sweet lah watching harry danced with hermione &tell you, the song was perfect!
*how grateful i am to have a friend who'll always try to cheer me up whenever im down
yes yes...talking about "shuwweeetttzzzznezzz",
the part when harry discovered the true snape slowly made my eyes become teary...
and...i cried! omg! omg! snape sweet gilaaaaa!!! *lamanya tak nangisssss
also when dobby died.....sedih oh!!!
finally, i'd completed the marathon! yes!!! 
Harry Potter is a Masterpiece! Word!

adding more teaspoons of sugar...okei taknak...kita pakai bowls of sugar...
i was veliiii veliiiii hepiiiiiii...... *chatting with him will always leave me with a broad smile on my face....blimey~
so yes...i chatted with him again, and the chat was casual, informative and momentous :D
wait, don't get me wrong...he's someone whom i look up to for being sooo impressively creative, artistic and successful with his very own style...very bold & brave in conveying his views...the talents and knowledge that make me go "waaaaaahhhh!!!"
someone whom i would never be...yes, i really respect him :)
i thanked him and he asked me 'thanks for what darlin'; he gave my friend a chance to work with him which would give my friend a professional experience in this field...so, ofcoz lah i should thank him rite :D 
i asked him about directing iklan raya which he thought was a good idea
way to go! i'll be waiting for your iklan raya then :D

more harry potter!!! i was chatting with edruce when he told me that he would give me his half-blood prince & deathly hallows novels...omg omg omg!!! XD
tellin me that he would post them straight away! *aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
thanx edruce!!! thaaaaaaaaaaaannnnxxx!!!

...received call & emails from gmt made me stutter oh happy...
7.13 am
19 july 2011


Een Hariri said...


honeypotter396 said...

Weeeeiii marah ke??? No lah...those are from part one...i said nothing abt part 2....i think lahh...riteeee??? All part one lah een....jgn marahhhh

Ekmal said...

kadang2 yang nampak jahat 2 lah yang sebenarnya care cuma x tahu nak meluahkan je. betul x?

honeypotter396 said...

betul andsaler!!!! setujuuuuuuuu....hahhaahah :D