Friday, July 1, 2011

The Worldssss?

hola seniors and mamacitas~
wats up with 'the worlds' title up there eyyy?? see...i'd spent my winter break mostly with;
- online activites, you name it....fb, youtube, blog, online radio..
- drawing manga...random ideas
- walking around the city, southbank after movies/brisbane winter festival or just lepak-ing in my room...

so, my friends decided to go out & have fun!
oh yes, besides...we had the 50% student discount card for 'the worlds'...
 23 JUNE 2011 :  Sea World!
 23 JUNE 2011 : those penguins....Lovelihhhhhhhhhh!!! comel gila kot! siap ada yg blurr x bergerak2 (second from right)....dunno why... @__@"
 23 JUNE 2011 : first time having the closest view of polar bears...besau seh! peluk sumpah best!!!
 23 JUNE 2011 : i've always loved underwater world! Subhanallah! really hope that one day, i can be rich enough to scuba-dive! amin!
 23 JUNE 2011 : after the freerunner & acrobats jumping pirate-show, cute seal playing detective seal show, we went for the last show; dolphin-show with a classical background music that almost made me cry...
 23 JUNE 2011 : the extreme basah-kuyup moment after a random decision to ride that friggin ship-war ride...demmit! hahaha! sumpah sejuk!!! kasut bertakung! lol
 23 JUNE 2011 : i wanna buy diz one but since the price is soo mahal! nani bought it since she got more money....x apalah...
 23 JUNE 2011 : God made me have 3-siblings & all of us are girls...senang nk belikan souvenir...haha~ combo kottttt :D
 27 JUNE 2011 : Movie World, Gold Coast, Australia? Checked!
 27 JUNE 2011 : my first pic with looney-tunes :D
 27 JUNE 2011 :'s Batman babyyyyyyy!!! my childhood crush! haha!
 27 JUNE 2011 : Sylvester in front of Harry Potter shop? fantastic! ahha!
 27 JUNE 2011 : since we didn't hit the 'lethal-weapon', this ride was the best of the day~
 27 JUNE 2011 : all-star parade is when looney-tunes cartoons got crazayhhh!!!
 27 JUNE 2011 : childhood crush wearing new batman-suit...awww he's kool! i got to salam him after the parade...tho he's not the real bruce wayne (of coz lah) yet i'm still sooo happyyyyy! XD
 27 JUNE 2011 : enjoyed our dinner at miss india...yes, it's rare for us to eat out~
 27 JUNE 2011 : see the bread there? it was my lucky day, alhamdulillah :)
27 JUNE 2011 : pink for niza, batman for me (of-coz-lah!), black for anem since there was no Jack NBC (sorry)...fridge-magnet (my new-found hobby) & a bugsbunny trophy for i-dunno-whom-shud-i-giv-diz-to-yet

another trip to...say, dreamworld?
maybe, and maybe not...depends on my budget lah...haha :D
thanx profusely to my friends for the outings! mucho gracias amigo! 

...long-post with lotsa pics? bet i wanted to put more lahhh ehehhh...
4.26 pm in brisbane
1 july 2011


Een Hariri said...

Tinggal kau gi clubbing je ni bib

honeypotter396 said...

ekceli aku mmg teringin nak try pon non frens ajak but bole ke masuk wif our tudung?
aku interested coz im curious n yes nex experience babayhhh...y not ye x...haha :D

honeypotter396 said...

btw...gmba prof kau style gila
fashionista seh skrg :D

Een Hariri said...

Ha'a..Kalau kau masuk club sana, possibility nak kena cekup tak setinggi dekat malaysia. Haha.

choii..siapa fashionista?hahaha

honeypotter396 said...

itu salah satu reason yg makin menggalakkan aku lah...tgok lah...ada lg setahun lebih aku kt sini kan... :D

kau lah fashionista!btw aku ckp aku used to 'study' blog kau dlu...i was searching for helluva new bombastic vocabs since kau good writer (yelah...kau kan mat saleh), apesal skrg kau tulis sikit je...keciwa duh

Een Hariri said...

Hahahaha.Jangan la weh..Dorang kaki mabuk nanti karang tiba-2 gambar kau keluar all over the site saying a hijabbed headed girl got caught in a drunk parade. Habislaaah.

Ha'a, aku dah jarang tulis sebab bila aku tulis, aku sarcastic. bila aku sarcastic, aku "unlady-like". Nanti ada orang blog pasal aku pulakkan

honeypotter396 said...

pfffttt....tdi kau gak encourage aku kan.... =.="

wessss.....macam tu lah best! wats the function of blog then???

Een Hariri said...

aku dah blog untuk kau. pi baca!

aqibzal said...

dat present wif u-dont-know-whom-to-give-yet still available x???

honeypotter396 said...

een - read it's 2.13 am in brissy yet im still otw reading ur blog...kau vintage dow
qib - ahhaahahha...if u want, better ask it from ur bro, he'll buy u smtg tat is wayyyy nicerrrr.....haha

gigiAriEma said...

wahhh tersgt larh jeles.. nak pergi jugakkk. :)

honeypotter396 said...

Insyaallah u pg nti one day :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I do not agree with all of you!

honeypotter396 said...

Hahahahah anon..better say ur name later if u wna comment kay..n yes, pls provide ur reasons too coz i hate questionable statements