Friday, April 16, 2010

Baan Ruen Thai ~

today's lunch was sponsored by miss amyzar n mdm joe~
at a thai restaurant, Baan Ruen Thai...well, saying d truth,
this was the first time i had my lunch at a Thai restaurant..
but d waitress is a malay n she din dress up like a Thai or wore anything tat looked thai...tat spoiled d thai mood i tot... was ok tho....
we ate soo byk2...n kenyang gile tho we din order any desert at all..
(was quite disappointed lah gk...hhuhuhuhuuu...)

i went there by jci's car..thnx jci!! XD
along wif nani, ying n faris...
paih, estee, juden n vicky went by their bikes ...

d meal was gud..we ordered things we nver ate b4..haha
n my nasik goreng tom yam was late...
*they shud improve on this mahh...
we ate..we sembang2...we minum2...haha..
we had fun n enjoyed d meal...hehe
thnx again to our lecturers yah... XD

well...why they belanja us actually? was coz of our 'readed' video success during d monthly assembly..
ppl were amused n d lecturers congratulated us for tat..
conclusion~ they were so kind n treated us a Thai meal...hihi
thanx again =)

oh yes...this is d video.. =)

okeh...nk siap2 cz andsaler ajak dinner..hihi =P

8.46 pm
16 april 2010

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