Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pool Ping Pong Pong!

wats up! been practising pool & ping pong....aside from jogging coz those are only exercises that i can do here.....since we nid to pay for the gym (so, sayonara gym..-____-'')
it's been a month im here in australia :D
still feelin great eh! hehe.. 
well, nice thing again..happened during our beloved Dr. Erika's class~
since bee & me raised upon 'weird' Qs after class, she asked for our names...*hope she'll remember both of us! yey!!
15 MAR 2011 : now i know tat i can converse in 7 languages! and diz is interesting to Dr. Erika...hoho~ XD
since it was pokka's (haikal/pucka) birthday... why don't we give him something? :D
14 MAR 2011 : HB 21 Pucka butter cookies made by alyaa & me :)
i was praised by Mil (an australian tennis coach who played table tennis wif me today) for a nice game wif him, tho he laughed at me coz i din get his joke...LOL
chiah thanked me for introducing her wif pool & ping pong :D *no worries, sharing is caring rite~
when they said, "kau terer lah main pool...main ping pong" i felt happy but actually, im not that good, still need to practise more ehhh...hehe

 15 Mar 2011 : scored nicely during a match wif st.....hehehhe

164 MAR 2011 : thanx for d company frensss! :D

days are getting colder i think~
can't wait for d winter coz i wanna feel how cold it is to be in d winter...LOL
still have to finish my reading & listening to the mp3 lecture downloaded for tomorrow's class...*ohmygod....
psssttt...thxxxx friends for the 'colourful' fb wall again...very nice & very sweet of u kannn......

1.17 am in brisbane
17 march 2011


Ekmal said...

kuih 2 mcm sedap.. jeles lagi.. hahaa. muka faris mcm pelakon korea. I like! main pool pulak dah..

honeypotter396 said...

Huhu tnye laaa haikal sdp ke x... :D
Yuppp slowly learning how to play la gk... XD