Friday, March 25, 2011

It's A General Statement...'s only a general statement...
16 MAR 2011 : general statement~
coz i think guys wif long and straight hair are kool~
plus if they have the v-shape kind of body,it'll be... :O lol~
oh, i admire those metro guys who can play musical instruments & sporty~'s a general statement~ :D
23 MAR 2011 : havin great time playin pingpong wif mil & met a new friend, a japanese :D

psssttt...i'm going to Stradbroke Island tomorrow!!! yeahhh!!! XD 
i'm getting darker livin in aussie ohhh.... :D

8.58 pm in brisbane
25 march 2011


Hvey Jci / Kei said...

u cant be any darker than me!

honeypotter396 said...

Pls jci....they said i got sunburn today was more than a person who said that...demmit...gonna b sooo dead~

R-Piz said...

I got long and straight hair.. haha

honeypotter396 said...

hahahhaha apiz!!! long time no see ohhh!! :D
nakkk kuihhhh cincinnnnnn!!!! :P