Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nextttttttttt...Byron Bay!!!

looking at the title, i think it has already described my entry for today...hoho :D
alrite...start typing~
yesterday : 12 march 2011, saturday - a trip to Byron Bay~
thanxxxx alot to bee & the gang (sbb diorg ye2 suh aku pg...haha)
and...yeah! glad tat i go! XD, mcm biasa~
12 MAR 2011 : macciato + hazelnut affogato + white chips bluberry scone & (apetah walnut & apple bun) as bfast~
12 MAR 2011 : Cape Byron Lighthouse, 1901~
12 MAR 2011 : tinggi & jauh ouhhh nak jalan...
12 MAR 2011 : lepak2 atas rumput jap...hoho~
12 MAR 2011 : view from the upper side of the hill...subhanallah :D
12 MAR 2011 : we arrived at Cape Byron Beach in the afternoon~
12 MAR 2011 : nice picnic!
12 MAR 2011 : meet Lupus! she's soooo adorable! LUVsss!
12 MAR 2011 : tho menyesal tat i din bring extra clothes, but enjoyyy jee...haha
well, was fun & yeah...i dah kua from queensland coz byron bay is located in new south wales...hoho...alhamdulillah XD
the next thing tat brought me into happiness was,
3 MAR 2011 : snapshot of the compliment~
it happened during our first media literacy class with Dr. Colin :D
when we were sharing thoughts, and i mentioned about my team's short film tat got a slot in Astro~ *smiles happilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 
lotsaaa things goin on here in brisbane : housewarmingsss (amani's, akma's & ain's), also brisbane welcomes international students day + events tat i cud not remember *duhh...
12 MAR 2011 : ain's housewarming yg mcm partayhhh!!
psssttt...ah nice thing during ain's housewarming - we played a game, tat needed us to guess who the killer is...till the end, hehe...I WON~ i was the killer & they kept guessing the wrong person...tribute to nash, judin, shawqi & viki.... HAHAHAHAAA!!!

8.56 pm in brisbane 
13 march 2011


AkieZecky said...

bestnyer.. bila la nak sampai..

Afie said...

sangat2 besh ouh...tbe2 aku tingat pasal anjg yg ko penah cte dlu...owait...nie-chan~ mmg pencinta haiwan an...^^

honeypotter396 said...

akie - insya'allah mebi one day.. ;)
afie - hehehehehe...cte2 aku dlu nk keje ngn national geographic...haha :D

Ekmal said... la korg.. cantik la view kat sana. hm.. bila nak sampai..

honeypotter396 said...

Insya'allah one day andsaler :)