Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paramore Concert Rocks!!!! all started from a ticket which my beloved best boyfriend(BBBF), andsaler gave me..
d reason of him not going was..erkk....dunno...
"kalau ko dpt tiket paramore, ko nk pg x?"
"aku xdpt pg lah...ada hal..kau bleh gnti aku?"

WHATTT???? *i was shocked...paused for a while...

turned out..tat ticket had become my birthday present coz he said tat "take it as a replacement for ur bday present diz year..." 
last year, he bought me a big choc cake n held me a surprise bday party! XD
thnxxxx profusely andsaler,
u told me tat u do read my blog, so, diz post is dedicated to u, dear BBBF!! XD

so....d concert was damn AWESOME!~
me, yuri n nuh rily enjoyed amani, muna n shol juz rilek sudeee je....hahaha speak better than!!! 
 - the konvoi...mwahahhahahha -
 - the ticket..thanxxxxx andsaler! -
 - the aftermath ... COOL!!! -
- the most favourite pic of the day..yeahhhh!!! -

pssstttt.....i went to diz concert wif my mom's 'keizinan' mom's sporting,syg makk!! XD
n plus, i did perform my magrib prayer at d nearby surau...see? no harms~ 

23 october 2010

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honeypotter396 said...

oh..juz as a note to myself...andsaler texted me on 31st oct 10 telling me tat he already read diz post n thanked me...teeheee~ XD