Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Facebook VS Solat

hahahhaha......well-said x? XD
so...diz is d title of my latest artwork...
thanx to alloyah for d fantastic idea...
to those who like comic, have a look! weehoo!
- d second episod...which i rily love XD i juz got d name for 2nd character: Zimy Iskandar...sedap x?hihi -

- d first episode in 2009, taking 'Zikry' name for d first character coz i saw a very cute guy named  with smthg like 'zikr'...hehe -
- diz one i baru sajer lukis then haplod....n tell u!diz is d first time i draw without sketching wif pencil! weeee!! -

huhu...i rily hope that i'll get another idea for the third episode...
so, if u guys have it, juz facebook me kayh?
i'll appreciate that..thannnnnnnnnnnnnxxxxx XD

26 october 2010


daylachan said...

waaa...cumel2!owang pon suke lukis kartun gak last2 keje skg lukis bangunan jeT.T
nak keje lukis kartun gk..hehe

honeypotter396 said...

tengssss daylaaa XD
alaa..lukis bgunan pon lukis gak xreti lukis bgunan taw...apetah lg nk design bgunan...T_T