Wednesday, September 29, 2010 was a pleasant tuesday oh yeah!! XD

juz finished eating fried rice cooked by anis syuhada as my lunch.. *thnx nis..sdp!! XD
huhu.....note: i mmg luv her cooking!! xde kt tmpt lain ok..especially her nasi goreng diraja...
mmg perghhhhh!! 

lol...*law pasal mkn, laju jek knnn...keh keh
oh yeaa...i wna tell u about my micro-teaching today...=)
yesterday, i prepared my teaching aids - huge cardboard with blanks n oso test papers given by muna...
n i din time my rehearsal at all..=.='' see?next time, sediakn payung sblm hujan...
during my teaching, i was nervous..(tho amani told me i looked siyesly calm...)
i finished my part too early...n i blurr sudahhh.....mati akal! aigooo...
alhamdulillah tbe2 jek got an idea of doing discussion..hah, lantak!! XD
buat ajee lahhh.....thnx profusely to st coz he was a veryyyy gud help..thx =)
finished discussion, i ended my lesson by asking d students to give a clap for themselves coz they'd understood today's lesson..(credits to Dr.Lew coz clapping is out routine now..)

d time of peer review.....
which made me feel happy for myself n very pleased lahh..
tho there were some critics bout my teaching but they were all positive critics for my future development rite? so, thanx copiously to all d reviews given to me =)
credits to Dr.Lew, all students, chiah,wan,yuri,shaz,amani & billah =D
i like chiah's comments d most coz she really expressed her views sincerely n clearly..
how i wish i cud speak fluently like her....teehee~

 - me n pokka, my first 'student' to come in front & answer d Q-

 - ouhhh...various handwritings...-

- haa...jimat rite?use both sides..keh keh-

okehh.....wat else....oh yea....
went to panggung bandaraya for 'Teater Bangsawan Satria Menara Putih' on 25th sept..
it was superb + amazing + funny!!!! ahhahahahah XD
siyesly lawakkk...u shud watch it u know!..hahaha XD d chance to take pics wif the actors n actresses after d theater..
including Hairi Safwan from d tv program-anak wayang on astro..
he's handsome!! d pic wif him alredy bcme my profile pic on facebook..haha! 

- lepas teater -
psssttt....mmg aku cair gila lahhhh....XD

28 september 2010

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