Monday, May 9, 2011

Hi to those who are reading :D

it's 11.24 am in Brisbane and i'm in the library...
trying to finish a paragraph of a new teacher model for EDB 006... ~__~''
still....i got a brain fart... *sigh
ah, to those who'd been asking me for a new update...yes..yes..
i'm ready to write a new entry today... :D

basically, it'll be full of pictures..yeah,  as usual lah kan..haha
i spent my easter break having a 3-day vacation to Coffs Harbour, New South Wales...
my inspiration to join the trip was...
unfortunately...there was no killer whale..but, i had great times watching & touching the friendly dolphins at Pet Porpoise Pool...

Easter Break started with...
 25 APR 2011 : ANZAC Day Dawn Service at 3.30 am
  25 APR 2011 : i missed the parade but....will go next year insya'allah :)
  25 APR 2011 : went to the my readers here....SORRY! i'd been quite busy lately... +___+
  26 APR 2011 : 3.40 am...ready to go! 3 toyota tarago + 2 hyundai
  26 APR 2011 : our first stop at Big Banana :D
  26 APR 2011 : ice-skating~ tho i didn't like ice-skating but enjoy jelaa rite!
  26 APR 2011 : Zuhr prayer at Solitary Marine Park~
   26 APR 2011 : Coffs Harbour Jetty yg sejooookkkk gilaaaaaaaaaaa...
   27 APR 2011 : waiting for sunrise after al-maksurat~
  27 APR 2011 : tho the rain was heavy, i managed to watch the sunrise, alhamdulillah :)
  27 APR 2011 : dolphin show at Pet Porpoise Pool~
  27 APR 2011 : weeehoooooooo!!!
  27 APR 2011 : not forgetting the sea lions! :D
  27 APR 2011 : lucky my friend :D
 27 APR 2011 : penguins? yes! they are the blue penguins!
 27 APR 2011 : kisses from a seal & a dolphin! what's more to ask?
  26-28 APR 2011 : where we stay~
  28 APR 2011 : Coffs Harbour Clog Barn~
   28 APR 2011 : Holland Downunder~
   28 APR 2011 : Mini Holland! :D
   28 APR 2011 : Coffs Harbour Clog Barn? checked!
   28 APR 2011 : Butterfly House plak ye....
   28 APR 2011 : butterfly jinak :D
   28 APR 2011 : hujan lebat gila after zuhr prayer at Park Beach (tak silap la..haha)

  28 APR 2011 : Coffs Harbour, New South Wales? checked~

3 days 2 nights...glad that i joined the trip :D
thanx to my parents coz bagi izin...hoho~
lucky that i'm not a shopaholic so i'll spend my money to travel....

psssttt...kangaroo? checked! dolphins? checked! seal & turtle? checked! wombats, koalas & other australian cuties, beware of me! hahahahahha

12.27 pm in brisbane
9 may 2011


R-Piz said...

Haiya, sorry la honey..

I think my blog being hacked la sbb kt blog dashboard ni ckp "You r currently not following any blog" walhal ble tgk kt blog y'all ada lak jd follower korang.. hoho

Btw, the dolphins in the pic r more dominant.. haha

Plus, butterfly yg kecik tu nmpk lagi menyerlah.. yg laen nmpk kabur.. ngeh2 ^_^

honeypotter396 said...

Hahahha apiz...yee xpe :D
Alaa butterfly tu sje je overshadow i kan..sme je ngn dolfin uh..haha
Thx for d comment btw :D

honeypotter396 said...

hahaha's alrite :D
xpe....saje bg highlight kt dolphin & butterfly tu...haha :D

Syuxer said...

jeles ar...:) melancong kat luar negara hehe

honeypotter396 said...

alaaa xpe.....nti pas kawen pgi honeymoon kt oversea kay?dh tayah pk sal blaja dah...hehe :D

Darch said...

Exusme.. What u mean by 'a new teacher model for EDB 006'? I'm a bit interested..:)

Darch said...

excuse me.. Waht u mean by "a new teacher model for EDB 006".. R u a teacher? I'm interested..:)

honeypotter396 said...

hi darch, sorry for a delay~ i'm a bit busy lately..thanx for the comment ;)
i'm a teacher trainee, studying english in queensland uni of tech, australia....i still have 3 years to become a real teacher tho.. :D
EDB 006 is Learning Network subejct where we need to think and device new teaching models for our future classrooms, basically constructivist theory is the basis of the whole teaching & learning process, more hands-on activities where students are actively involved with the activities conducted in the classroom :)

p/s:thanx for becoming a follower, hope we can share thoughts or anything :D

amir aizat said...

bestnya ! nk pgang dolphin jugak,hehe

honeypotter396 said...

amir jom lahhh pi aussie :D

amir aizat said...

huhu duit xbnyk lg laah,heheh

honeypotter396 said...

xpe leh kumpul :D

amir aizat said...

nak pegi singapore!

honeypotter396 said...

samelahhh...tringin ohhhhhh mau pi singapore :D