Tuesday, December 7, 2010


after ages x update my blog....(begitu susahnye nk update coz of my laziness..)
today....i got d chance to talk about something....ho-yeahhh...
ok..andsaler asked me..''x update blog ke?'' urmmm...nmpk sgt aku dh malas kn...
thanx ands...u make me realize  that...i shud update my blog..hahhaha
well...to recap all those memories before the sem break...
diz entry contains alot of pics...(aku mls taip..sorry...haha)
- 22 nov 2010 : seniors came all d way from aussie to give us briefing..n osooo...tat lil cute koala!thx seniors! -
 - 23 nov 2010 : Communique Launching! to our most creative chief editor, faris, CONGRATSS!! it was awesome! -
- celebrating d victoryy!!!hahaahahh! thanx to estee for d hamper! -
- it wud b a memory...estee's, alif's n anis' bikes : MIA ...haha -
- my barang2 nk bring home...aigoooo...-
 - MPO orchestra tickets that i found mase kemas2...lol -
 - things that will be kept inside tat big box above... -
 - i already kept d certificate la...but i'll bring some of these to aussie! all these i got for winning d first place Merdeka Video Competition IPIK : congrats to faris, nani & estee =) -
- various things tat i found back...hahah back then, i used to keep ally iskandar's pic inside my purse...haha -
 - 25 nov 2010 : d team who helped me anta blek my stuff to rasa..thnxxx people!! - 
 - ayam d driver...yeah!! thnxx alot! XD -
- 23 nov 2010 : d first trip to rasa sending my stuff n freezer back home...thannxx pah & anis! -
 - 19 nov 2010 : QUT farewell party..thanxx lecturers from IPIK n future lecturers from QUT, australia...thx for coming! =D -
- our respected lecturers..thxxx for coming! -
 - d recognition of outstanding work : congrats faris!!! i'm so proud of yaaahhhh!! XD -
-kenyang face! hahahah -
-last but not least....i had time to visit diz one old fella for d last time...thx for making d sweet lovely tones....=D -

so..yeahhh....oh..i shud write about our 1Malaysia trip to PD...
urm...i'll write later..till then...cheerio people!
thx for reading! XD

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6 december 2010

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